Thursday, July 30, 2009


So here it is. My knitting blog. I wanted something to track my projects with and although I love Raverly it just wasn't cutting it. So on with it I guess! This summer I've done quite a bit knitting (I'm sure this will slow down when school starts). So to list it all out I've knitted:

Ava's cute hat
Coffee Snuggler

Love this
This took entirely too long to knit
and then fell apart
First in the round project (DPN)
This was from last summer

Baby blanket for Ava Mae
Baby hat for Ava Mae (first in the round project)
Coffee snuggler
Neck warmer
FunFetti baby hat

I've also been attempting my first lace pattern in bracelet form but it hasn't been going well at all. I've also frogged the cottage socks I'm knitting for my roomie. I hate the yarn she picked out so I need to buy some more before I attempt that ball of frustration again.

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