Friday, February 12, 2010

Feature Friday - Metal

Before I get into Feature Friday I'd just like to say... it's snowing in Georgia. We're actually supposed to get 2-5 inches tonight and it's supposed to keep snowing until 8 pm. The airport in Atlanta cancelled 1100 flights today and the Air Force sent everyone home at 12 this afternoon. Considering Brett and I moved here to get away from the freezing Missouri weather, we're not too happy about the weather.

Ok enough about the weather. The theme of this week's Feature Friday is metal. Here are a few sweet finds I discovered on Etsy.

For those of you who come home and put your keys down, assuringly never to be found again (like me). I have found the perfect solution...this super cute key rack:

I love this and KnobCreekMetalArts has many more to choose from all in a very nice price range!

Next up we have a clock. Since everyone has cell phones as well as digital clocks on every appliance we own people forget about wall clocks. I love an awesome original wall clock which for me is a new perspective on a vintage look. Shop owner astrokeofgenius has a perfect example of this:

I love the warm color of the wood with the cold unfeeling texture of the metal. Not to mention the unusual square shape of the clock. There are plenty more where this came from all as unique as this one!

Shop owner meganauman is having a sale! One of my favorite sale items is this:

What an awesome lighting fixture! Black isn't normally a feminine color but with the cute petal shape cutouts on the fixture I think it's perfect and I adore this. If black is a bit too dark for you there is also a white one. In addition to these adorable lights she also has jewelry and ottomans (which are decorated similarly to the lighting fixtures).

Last but not least I would like to introduce you to license plate art. Now, in the past I have seen purses made out of license plates but not images. Feast your eyes on this cutie:

I am utterly in love with this! I feel as though this should almost be featured on Cute Overload. Recycledartco has sooo many of these super cute items including an even cuter (if that is possible) whale. If you don't see something you like convo them and ask about custom orders, I'm sure they'd be thrilled to hear from you!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Technorati Blog Registration

I'm trying to get my blog registered at Technorati and to do this I have to post this code in a post. So here it is. 7AD5ZFMEUDMX

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Exploring Gerogia

Last week me and the boyfriend did a bit of exploring. We hadn't been to Savannah yet so that was the first place we went. It was amazing. The trees made the city so pretty and since it's such an old city (277 years to be exact) it was neat to see all the little shops and houses that had been around forever. Here are a few pictures of the town:

The mossy trees made a canopy over the old narrow roads

A cool old house across the street from Savannah's awesome library

This my friends, is Paula Deen's restaurant Lady and Sons. The holy grail for those of you who love southern cookin'.

In addition to going to Savannah we also went to Tybee island which is right off the coast of Savannah. It was only about 50 degrees when we went but it was still fun! It was also the very first time I had seen the ocean.

The sign on the pavilion

The Atlantic Ocean (it was very foamy and the water was only about 40 degrees)

We put our feet in even though it was super cold

A view of the shops/beach houses from the pier

Friday I had a job interview in Macon (I ended up NOT going to the interview - no more telemarketing jobs for me thanks). But we did get to see some cool old Creek Indian grounds as well as putz around downtown Macon. It's a pretty cute town. Pictures will be posted soon I promise!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Feature Friday - Number 2

Feature Friday part deux! Since Valentine's Day is right around the corner I figured I'd join in with all the hype (even though I'm not a fan of the holiday) and promote some potential gifts that are a bit out of the box.

I'm growing my hair out and anyone who has done this knows how much a pain bangs can be. That is why I adore this headband by blacksatinshoes!

it's just so cute! I love big unusual hair accessories.

If had a my way I'd have my three giant dogs (lab, great dane, and weimaraner) and they would be my furry little children. If you have been able to fulfill this dream and want to give your furry buddy a Valentine then 3DogsAndAChick has the perfect gift for you (and your 4 legged babies)!

These are peanut butter flavored dog treats which are, of course all natural and dog safe. Don't the look good enough to eat yourself?!

Ever sit at home and watch discovery all day or perhaps you're obsessed with Shark Week? This watercolor painting is for you!

These are angler fish (the mean fish that chases Nemo's dad and Dorry in Finding Nemo). They use the light at the end of their antenna to attract fish so they can eat them. Which is why this painting is so cute/funny/odd all at the same time! I also love that esan01 was able to use such eye popping color in this watercolor painting. Love it!

Lastly, I have something for all coffee lovers that also want to help lessen their impact with all the disposable coffee cups:

SuperChickenStudios makes these handy dandy coffee sleeves so you don't have to use those cardboard ones at the coffee shop. This isn't the only pattern in SuperChickenStudios' shop so check it out if this one isn't exactly your style!