Sunday, February 7, 2010

Exploring Gerogia

Last week me and the boyfriend did a bit of exploring. We hadn't been to Savannah yet so that was the first place we went. It was amazing. The trees made the city so pretty and since it's such an old city (277 years to be exact) it was neat to see all the little shops and houses that had been around forever. Here are a few pictures of the town:

The mossy trees made a canopy over the old narrow roads

A cool old house across the street from Savannah's awesome library

This my friends, is Paula Deen's restaurant Lady and Sons. The holy grail for those of you who love southern cookin'.

In addition to going to Savannah we also went to Tybee island which is right off the coast of Savannah. It was only about 50 degrees when we went but it was still fun! It was also the very first time I had seen the ocean.

The sign on the pavilion

The Atlantic Ocean (it was very foamy and the water was only about 40 degrees)

We put our feet in even though it was super cold

A view of the shops/beach houses from the pier

Friday I had a job interview in Macon (I ended up NOT going to the interview - no more telemarketing jobs for me thanks). But we did get to see some cool old Creek Indian grounds as well as putz around downtown Macon. It's a pretty cute town. Pictures will be posted soon I promise!

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  1. I love Savannah,,we use to live in Hinesville Georgia when my husband was in the Army,,and now we live in Jacksonville Florida and that was the first place we went to went we moved here,,,there is so much history there..glad you enjoyed it..