Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dye Fail

Well I have had the last week off from work but I was in Columbia for three days and had a bunch of catching up to do before I could get down to dyeing some new yarns. When I did get around to it I had an epic dye fail. I tried using my regular Jacquard dye on the cotton yarn. I didn't take so when I rinsed the yarn after the dye bath cooled ALL of the dye came out of the yarn. I guess I'll have to get some dye at work and re-do it.

The cotton candy yarn I dyed a few weeks ago might go into the dye bath as well. I'm going to attempt to make a not blinding hot pink yarn and if I put my cotton candy in with it it should go into a half pink half purple yarn. That would be considerably easier to photograph than the super light purple it is now.

In other news I am now in charge of another living lucky bamboo plant. I named him Brutus and I will love him...and hope that I don't kill him. It shouldn't be a problem this time, the last one I had I put tap water from Columbia in and it killed the whole plant in about 2 days. I've learned my lesson and hope that this one will not peril like the others.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

I'm Alive I Promise

So I am a neglectful blog owner. I'm sorry (to the three people who might read this) I'm going to try to do better!

Not much as happened since my last post. I'm officially working for the enemy now, a big dog craft store. I pretty much hate it but I need the money so I'll just have to put up with it until I get a "real" job as I like to call it. I sold my first and most popular set of stitch markers Friday.

Debpolley is now the lucky owner of Naughty Things:
This also happens to be the first order I've had in about two months. I'm hoping that sales pick up for everyone on Etsy. It's pretty slow for a lot of people there. I have been working on a few new things for Autumn Fibers I have a new line of cotton yarns here are a few pictures of what I've done so far:

This is "Pumpkin" it was supposed to be a gold color but ended up being well...a pumpkin color.

This is Amanda's Bright Turquoise. It is my favorite of all the cotton I've got so far. I do have one more but I have yet to photograph it. It's a nice cotton candy combo of light purple and a light sky blue. I have two more skeins to dye, that will probably be my project tomorrow.

Autumn Fibers was also featured on Craftgawker here very exciting. I am also offering small knitted items in my shop now like facial scrubbies and coffee cup sleeves. I'm working on a line of beaded bracelets but haven't been able to master the art of knitting with embroidery floss yet.

Well I'm off to do some knitting while the baby sleeps!