Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dye Fail

Well I have had the last week off from work but I was in Columbia for three days and had a bunch of catching up to do before I could get down to dyeing some new yarns. When I did get around to it I had an epic dye fail. I tried using my regular Jacquard dye on the cotton yarn. I didn't take so when I rinsed the yarn after the dye bath cooled ALL of the dye came out of the yarn. I guess I'll have to get some dye at work and re-do it.

The cotton candy yarn I dyed a few weeks ago might go into the dye bath as well. I'm going to attempt to make a not blinding hot pink yarn and if I put my cotton candy in with it it should go into a half pink half purple yarn. That would be considerably easier to photograph than the super light purple it is now.

In other news I am now in charge of another living lucky bamboo plant. I named him Brutus and I will love him...and hope that I don't kill him. It shouldn't be a problem this time, the last one I had I put tap water from Columbia in and it killed the whole plant in about 2 days. I've learned my lesson and hope that this one will not peril like the others.

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