Sunday, May 2, 2010

Yay for Sales!

I'm super excited! I just got my second sale in about two weeks. I hope things keep up like this, I know it's not much but after that two month lull of absolutely nothing I'm crazy excited! Here is the yarn I just sold (sorry it's awkwardly large):

I also have three new cotton yarns drying outside. I should have them up in my shop within the next few days. I guess I should buy another spool of cotton yarn to keep up the shop. I think I might buy some roving to make dryer balls. I'll have to research and see how popular they are on etsy before I get crazy though...I didn't do that well enough with my facial scrubbies.

In other news, it's been super stormy in Kansas City. I'm fine with this because I love thunderstorms. Also, it's psych week on the Discovery channel second only to shark week. Sometimes I forgot how much I love psychology.

Back to fiber fun check out this awesome news article related to some knitting vandals: super awesome

I will leave you with that (I hope it catches on).

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