Friday, March 5, 2010

Back in KC/ Feature Friday - Spring Fever

I'm so sorry bloggy, I've been negligent. In my defense I have been very busy. I am back in Kansas City, moving half way across the country twice in less that a month was pretty tough. We did get to stop in Memphis on the way home to get some BBQ and check out Beale Street. We ate at Rendezvous which is one of the big name BBQ places in Memphis and well worth the drive. I also got to see the pyramid at Mud Island again, I saw it in passing the first time when I lived in Arkansas and my family took a road trip to Memphis. Here are a few snap shots!

The big sign before you hit Beale Street

Downtown Memphis

There was a basketball game the night we stopped

The BF's Camaro in front of the pyramid on Mud Island

Back in Kansas City I have officially unpacked and am already making plans to redecorate! I am also working on getting a job. I have new business cards for my shop I got 500 for free from they had a promotion so I only had to pay 12 bucks for shipping. Check it out if you're in the market for cards, I love mine. I also started my spring line including lace and sock weight yarns in super fun spring colors. In addition to offering knitting supplies I plan on offering small knitted items in the near future. Stay tuned!

Now for Feature Friday! It's that time of year again, where people begin to come out of their winter hibernations and start pending more time outside and if you're me....wearing flip flops even though you know it's still to cold in hopes that will make the weather warmer, faster. So this feature Friday is in dedication to spring!

I've started paying more attention to decorating and storage/wall space and I saw this wall vase/hooks by OldNewAgain and fell in love! It's so creative and decorative at the same time! The red flowers really make a nice pop against the turquoise board.

So not everyone has a green thumb. I mean you forget to water your plant a few times and what happens? Well you here is your solution:

janejoss has came up with a cute care free solution for those forgetful gardeners. She has so many cute patterns to choose from as well as different types of "plants" to choose from! Just pick the fabric that matches your style/decor!

These cups by PrettyMyDrink are awesome:

I love my coffee (any time of the year) and I just broke my giant mug, tragic I know. Not everything about Spring has to be brightly colored, these black dandelions are a perfect example! Super cute, hand painted, and dishwasher safe!


  1. Cool pics! Never knew what Kansas City looked like. Best wishes on your move. Decorating sounds fun. And very crafty nifty Friday features!

  2. Those are actually pictures of Memphis on our drive back to Kansas City. This summer I plan on having a tourist day in KC though and taking lots of pictures.