Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Hunt Continues

The BF and I are still looking for the perfect storage unit for our DVDs and XBOX 360 games. I think we might be going to Wal-Mart to look after the Chiefs game (WE MADE THE PLAYOFFS!). We've already looked at Target and was unimpressed by the lack of options. On a whim I checked Ikea for some storage options and I found this beast:

This baby holds 118 DVDs but is a whopping 77 inches long. Yeah. It would take up the entire wall our TV is on and completely dwarf our 40 inch flat screen so that idea was scrapped almost instantly by Brett. Not to mention the fact that he has some weird opposition to all thinks Ikea. Speaking of Ikea, why are you unable to order half of their products online? I live in Iowa people! There is no way there will ever be an Ikea here, get it together and let me spend my dollars online. So back to DVD storage....I have no idea what we're going to do but something needs to be done because I'm tired of looking at the 69 DVDS on the floor in the living room.

In knitting news I still haven't found a way to link my Ravelry stash page to my blog. I have also attempted to photograph my new yarn purchases twice now and have been unable to do so because of the lack of natural light in my apartment. I did however cast on the socks I've promised to my grandmother. I finally picked a pattern, Wanida by Cookie A.

I cast on 64 stitches using the German Twisted Cast On and knitted two rows of the ribbed cuff before I figured out that I needed smaller needles. Problem being I only have one 2.75, 40 inch fixed circular needle. So naturally I visited Knit Picks to buy the rest of the sock needle sizes. That way I won't run into this problem again. I absolutely love the Knit Picks options needles. I have the interchangeable set that the lovely BF bought me a few years ago for my birthday and a few fixed needles. The large needle sizes have shorter needle lengths which I don't care for but the sock needle sizes are normal length and I love them. Since I do magic loop I get the 40 inch cable, that way if I decide to ever learn two at a time socks I can still use the same needles. Plus I just like having a bit of wiggle room when I magic loop so it all works out.

Do you have a suggestion for DVD storage? What is your favorite knitting needle/knitting method?

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