Friday, December 31, 2010

It's the Little Things

I am easily amused and please at the slightest things. For example Brett and I went to Pier 1 to find a storage solution for our few (over 60) DVDs. After looking through the store and being very underwhelmed by our options we started to wander and look at other goodies (by we I mean me...Brett kind of just followed me around). While wandering I stumbled upon this beauty:
Not only have Brett and I been looking for a kitchen timer since we moved into our apartment (for some reason our stove doesn't have one) but I LOVE how retro these look. I also love the fact that this timer doesn't buzz when it goes of it rings. You know? Like one of those alarm clocks with the two bells on top? Yep that's how this sounds. I am also obsessed with the fact that it is magnetic and you can just stick him on your refrigerator. I bought the red one. I don't think Brett was as excited with my color choice but I think he'll live. We didn't on the other hand find any sort of storage for our DVDs so the search continues.

In knitting news I have found a yarn shop (the only one) in Cedar Rapids to hang out at and I do so every Wednesday nights while I'm working. The ladies there are super nice and very helpful/supportive. I had been a few times and not bought anything so I had to buy Cookie A's Sock Innovation.

I plan on knitting a pair of socks out of this book for my grandma's very late Christmas gift. I love this book because it not only has sock patterns but it teaches the reader the basic fundamentals of designing a sock. It also teaches the reader how to change patterns from flat to round knitting, and choosing types of stitches and yarn, among other things. I think all knitters could find something in this book to benefit from.

In addition to a knew book my grandmother as also subscribed me to "Knitters" magazine but I have yet to receive a copy and I have also never heard of or seen this magazine before so I'm excited to flip through it. I did buy some yarn and my dear darling loving boyfriend bought my a ton (over $100 worth) of yarn for my birthday. But you will have to wait until I can link Ravelry to my blog to see pictures.

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