Friday, January 29, 2010

Feature Friday

Alright, so I think to spice things up on my blog (and to get some awesome artists' creations out there) I'm going to feature a few pieces from a couple shops on Etsy. There will be a theme each week to narrow down my choices --otherwise I'd go crazy. Here are a few super cute hand crafted paper products to kick off this new tradition!

These are "The Written Bird Gift Tags" featured in pinktwilight's shop! I love anything with cute little birds on it. These are great for those of you who make your own gifts but might not be super talented in the paper creation department...*ahem* me.

Ok so you don't make your own gifts or need some awesome gift tags for anything? What about for those super organized folks who are tired of the drab mega store planners? Search no more! PriaVanda makes these super cute planners (which you can customize)! Behold:

It's purple too which means I automatically like it!

What's that you say? You're preggo or you know someone who is preggo?! I have found the perfect invitations for the baby shower! Check out these awesome baby shower (or announcement) card by GGsTreasures:

who said it's hip to be square?! I absolutely love these cards. It almost makes me want to get pregnant so I can buy some of these! The best thing about these is that these cards fold up, come with their own envelops and can be made in different colors. Yes please!

Alright last one, 888gifts makes some baller photo albums that, I promise, you won't find anywhere else. Check this one out:
It can hold 72 3x5 and 4x6 pictures! Not to mention the fact that it has these gorgeous pink and purple-y leaves on the cover. If you didn't know or couldn't tell, my favorite season is Autumn, so anything with leaves on it is a win in my book.


In other news, I went job hunting today! Old school job hunting. Out of the 2 hundred (I'm sorry I like to exaggerate) stores I went into, one was hiring. So I turned in my application and said a little prayer. I defiantly didn't want a part time job after spending 40 thousand dollars and the last 4 years of my life on school, but I guess a crappy job is better than no job at all. We might be going to Savannah tomorrow! It's supposed to rain and I think it's only going to be about 40 degrees but I guess I'll finally get to see the ocean after waiting for so long! Brett is the deciding factor on this issue so Billy and I are waiting to see what he says. I'm just excited at the thought of being outside of the apartment all day. It's just so boring here!

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